Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is the difference between C and C Sharp?

#1) C is unmanaged code, and C# is managed by the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime)

Managed code means that many of the low-level activities that one has to worry about with C, such as memory management, garbage collection, pointers, etc, are automatically handled for you.

#2) C# is an object orienated language. C is a structed language. However, if you were referring to C++, then both C# and C++ have similar (although not identical) object orienated capabilities.

C is a procedural programming language developed in AT&T-Bell labs. It has been in use for about four decades for system and application programming. It has been ported to lots of CPUs and operating systems.
C-sharp (C#) is an object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft for use in its .NET framework. It is much newer, and only works on Microsoft operating systems. C#, like many other programming languages, is a descendant of C - they share some syntactic conventions. 

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