Saturday, October 16, 2010

Short Cut Keys.

Here are some short cut keys that will be useful in working with VS 2005.
Guess its no point introducing some thing common, only the uncommon ones are listed here. Most of you may already be familiar, but for the ones who don't know...hope its useful.
Format a line : Ctrl + K + D
Delete a line : Ctrl + L
If you need to delete or format a code segment, you may select the expected area of code before going for the key combination.
Get a blank line on top of a line of code : Ctrl + Enter
Search for a line number : Ctrl + G
Find and replace : Ctrl + F
Obtain full screen mode : Alt + Shift + Enter
Build the solution : Ctrl + Shift + B
Comment a block of code : Ctrl + K + C
Un-comment a block of code :  Ctrl + K + U

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